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Post Judgment Collections

Are you in need of post-judgment remedies? At The Law Office of Christine N. Failey, we have extensive experience in post-judgment remedies and will aggressively utilize all available options for judgment holders in Florida including garnishment, judgment liens, and proceedings supplementary. We specialize in getting judgments from other states domesticated here if the debtor owns property.

Let us handle the hard part for you – our results-oriented approach will minimize stress as we work together to make sure you get back on track financially, swiftly and effectively.

With expertise ranging across multiple disciplines, our team has what it takes to determine the best course of action and help your case move forward quickly and efficiently. We understand how important successful debt recovery is which is why we’re dedicated to providing high quality service with personalized attention throughout the entire process.

Garnishments- Under Florida law, a person who has sued to recover a debt or has recovered  a final judgment in any court against any entity may have a right to a writ of garnishment against the debtor’s bank account.

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