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Commercial Collections

Are you struggling to recoup payments from overdue accounts? The Law Office of Christine N. Failey, P.A., based in the Tampa Bay Area in Florida, is dedicated to bringing justice for creditors seeking commercial collections relief. If debtors are deliberately avoiding contact with your office or have only made partial payment on their obligations, it’s time to begin putting a plan into action so that you may rightfully receive what is owed.

We work quickly to secure payment in order to reduce maximum losses or further damage to long-term relationships with clients.

Our law firm offers an effective and professional debt collection service that allows you to recover your outstanding funds while maintaining the ability for future business dealings with the debtor, if desired. Our combination of courteous persuasion and stern legal action can help obtain payment even from difficult situations – all without charging any fees until money has been collected on your behalf!

With our experienced team and proven approach to collections, you’ll finally have peace-of-mind knowing that your past due invoices are being handled in a timely manner so that they don’t end up hurting your bottom line.

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